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Do you need to avail of any of our state of the art, professional services? Then get in contact with McKenna Well Drilling today.


At McKenna Well Drilling, we provide well drilling services to a wide range of clients throughout Ireland, including residential, commercial, agricultural and hotel & leisure. Our main services are:

We are a family-run company with years of industry experience, we're committed to providing our clients with comprehensive water well drilling services.

Well Drilling

Our well drilling techniques are state of the art and achieve higher yields in water supplies. We use one of two systems to achieve this. Surging or hydrofracturing.

Surging involves pumping a solid plunger for about three days of up and down motion. The down motion forces water into fractures in the bedrock while the up motion draws the water back out. The result is a more productive well.

Hydrofracturing means pumping water down into the hole with the purpose of fracturing the bedrock that has been drilled. These new cracks often link up to new channels of water not previously exploited. After hydrofracturing has been completed testing is done to measure the wells new capacity.

mc kenna well drilling

Are you interested in availing of our state of the art well drilling services? Then get in contact with us today.



Geothermal heating is one of the most cost effective ways of heating your home. The EPS state that geothermal systems are 70% more efficient than oil systems, 50% more than gas, and 40% more than air source heat pumps.

Here is how it works. Warmth from the earth is present beneath out feet if you drill down far enough. Water can be drawn up to the surface and passed through a system that concentrates that heat. The heat is then used to warm air which is passed around your home.

" Geothermal Heating is good for the environment and cuts the amount of oil and gas we use "

In the summer the system can be run in reverse to cool your home with warm air
being pumped away, although keeping enough to heat your water giving your free

hot water.


Do you want your property heated with the environmentally friendly and extremely efficient geothermal method? Then get in contact with McKenna Well Drilling today.

The environment
Needless to say Geothermal Heating is good for the environment and cuts the amount of oil and gas we use.

Other Advantages

  • No fuel lines 
  • No worries about fumes, leaks or soot
  • No noisy from furnaces
  • Superior air quality
  • No need to play with settings
  • Ideal humidity 
  • No fluctuations of temperatures

Pumps & Tanks

At McKenna Well Drilling, we can provide a wide variety quality pressure tanks and submersible pump after well drilling is complete. The size of the pump is important so that the maximum amount of water is returned. We can advise you on the best system to suit your needs.

How the system works

A typical pump system for a single family home includes a submersible pump installed in the well with a drop pipe, motor cable and torque arrestors; well cap, pitless adapter, water line, UF cable and assorted fittings from the well to the house; and a hydropneumatic pressure tank with controls (pressure gauge, pressure switch, check valve, pressure relief valve and boiler drain) set up in the basement and connected to the well.

Pumps & Tanks

"When the pressure drops below 40 pounds per square inch the pump kicks in"

The system works by storing water in a pressure tank and as water is used the pressure in this tank decreases. When the pressure drops below 40 pounds per square inch the pump kicks in. This pumps water back into the pressure tank returning it to the optimum pressure. There is also a pressure valve to release pressure if to exceeds a limit.

How the pump itself works

The water pump works like an engine running at 3450 RPM. It pumps what water up into the pressure tank. The pump itself is connected to the surface by wire which signals the pump to stop and start. All wiring is protected and waterproofed to avoid damage and short circuits. Also a torque arrester is used to prevent damage. This extends the longevity of the pump considerably.

Pumps & Tanks

Does your new well require a properly installed pressure tank and submersible pump? Then get in contact with McKenna Well Drilling today. The expert pump and tank installers.

Water Analysis

Water Analysis

A normal precondition to building, is to first drill for water and test the resulting water – banks sometime even require this step before loaning. We provide well inspecting services as well as pump testing to certify the quality of your well, the depth and yield of your well, and to collect the samples needed for sending to state laboratories.

We also provide these services to industry and government including extended-duration pump testing.

Water Analysis

Do you need to avail of our well testing and pump testing services? Then get in contact with McKenna Well Drilling today.

Water Monitoring

Contamination can often come about in soil due to certain industrial activity going on in the area. Also certain natural presences in the soil can cause contamination. We often take on to test for water contamination before a building operation commences and of course before drilling a new well.

The process involves drilling a number of test holes and monitoring the
water quality every couple of days.

Water Monitoring
Water Monitoring

Do you want your water monitored using out test hole drilling system? The get in with McKenna Well Drilling now.

Water Rehabilitation

Water Rehabilitation

Wells drilled many years ago often are not drilled especially deep. Add to that many of these wells are not sealed for surface water. As a result many wells around the country have unexploited potential.

We can drill down and exploit untapped veins of water revitalising your well.

Would your old well benefit from our water rehabilitation service? Get in contact with McKenna Well Drilling to find out.

Water Rehabilitation
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